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About Chuck

With Solano County facing some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in its history, Chuck brings the right combination of experiences, leadership and fresh ideas to make the County and our cities safer and our economy healthier.

A Lifetime Of Public Service

I moved to Solano County when my Dad was stationed at Travis Air Force Base, and I've lived here ever since. I graduated from Vanden High School in 1972, earned my AA from Solano College and my BA from Golden Gate University.  I married my lovely wife, Pat (also a military brat!)  in 1975.  


I started my public service career as a Fairfield City Police Officer, and I've been serving our County ever since.  During my more than 30 years with the Fairfield PD, I working my way up to Sergeant, and along the way I earned Officer of the Year and Supervisor of the Year awards. I led a street crimes team, and was the Supervisor for the Investigations Division, dealing with sensitive crimes like rape, robbery,  homicide, and domestic violence. I was promoted early in my career and spent most of my time as a Supervisor, including with Youth Services and the Traffic Division.

Following my decorated public safety career, I embarked on a new service journey: the Fairfield City Council, where I was first elected in 2007. During my time on Council, I've served as an Advisor to the Board of the Leaven, Board Member in the Chamber of Commerce, President of the Board for Solano County Family Justice Center, and a Board Member of Solano First Federal Credit Union. I was a County Representative to the Senior Coalition, a City Representative to the Suisun Valley Fund Advisory Committee, and an alternate to the Redevelopment Oversight Committee, Solano County for the city of Fairfield.

My wife, Pat, is an emergency room Registered Nurse, and together we've raised two wonderful children and have three beautiful granddaughters (all of whom have me wrapped around their fingers!)


Leadership For Immediate Impact!

During my time on Council, I've proven my ability to bring together the cities and the County in solving problems.  I've spearheaded initiatives to curb homelessness and crime, restore the economy, balance our budget, and ensure the continuation of services: all skills, knowledge and experience I will bring to the County Board of Supervisors.

It's critical that all of our entities work together if we are to tackle the very real obstacles that we face as a County: homelessness and crime are rampant and we MUST find a way to provide solutions.  No one deserves to be homeless, and I pledge to work hand-in-hand with the cities to find a comprehensive solution that FIXES the problem instead of just moving the problem areas around or providing a quick band-aid.

In my career I've helped build road infrastructure, ensure quick conduits to businesses and cities, and secure more mental health and addiction counseling. I've learned that cities cannot fund treatment for success alone, it has to be a county/city partnership!

As a former police officer, I know what we need to do to make our County safe: we need to work with the cities and elected officials to change our response, and take a close look at how we dedicate and dispense police and Sheriff resources. I will advocate for changes in the law, which will allow us to better serve the public and provide transparency. 

As a lifelong public servant, I am uniquely positioned to lead Solano to solutions. 

I have helped balance budgets of more than $300 million/year without cutting public services; this expertise will be critical as inflation runs rampant; I will help create a more stable economy that will generate jobs, make Solano a place of opportunity for everyone, and do everything I can to fight the local causes of inflation.

The Right Choice, Right Now!

Growth brings opportunities and challenges. As an agriculture area, rapidly gaining attention for wine, olives, and open space, we need to continue to monitor ground water, building in AG areas (urban interface w/ housing) and encroachment into protected areas. 

With a continuously growing population, we must move with eyes wide open to provide REAL solutions to homelessness and crime.  No one deserves to live without a stable place to call home, and as a true independent I pledge to work with Democrats and Republicans alike, in the cities, in the County, and with everyday citizens, to find a solution that WORKS and STICKS!


In addition to our immediate needs, we need to plan for the future of Solano County.  That means not only balancing our budget and living within our means, but saving for the future, resisting the urge to cut essential services, and plan for managed growth and our transportation needs like freeways 80, 12 and 680, bridges, and major connectors like Hwy 37.  Only with experienced leaders at the helm can we create the oversight and partnerships necessary to move forward as a Count community!

Experience That Matters!

I have worked my whole life for the people of Solano County.  I've been privleged to serve, and that service has placed me in roles that have provided the experience to continue to benefit Solano County citizens. I build consensus, I show up to do the work. My credo is to communicate. I will call you back, I do return your texts.


I work for you and am proud to do so!

Will you join our movement?

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