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I want to see a community that is safe, healthy and open for new business. Our job as elected officials is to think beyond the short term, and plan for the future. For too long, many residents have had to leave the area for employment and commute long hours to get back home. We, like other communities, are suffering from increased crime and homelessness that are impacting places like we’ve never seen before.  I will make sure our cities and the County work together to take control of and solve these problems: we will help people get the services they need, not just move them from one community to another.


This is a wonderful place.  We can solve our current problems, manage our future, and bring jobs and economic prosperity back to Solano while preserving the unique character that makes our County a great place to live.  


Come join our movement!

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My Values

I've spent my whole life in public service; I have a strict moral code of integrity, transparency, and independence to benefit everyone in Solano County as your next Supervisor!

I've spent my life in public service - from the Fairfield PD to City Council, I'll use my experience balancing multi-million dollar budgets, preserving our County's charm, and making life better for all of my Solano neighors.

I'm a firm believer in leading by example and will always put Solano County first, just as I have throughout my whole, truly independent career. I will only do what's best for our Solano families, not to any political party or ideology. 

Our diversity and differences only make our community stronger.

Divisive politics has been forced on us by overzealous and non-objective political parties - it's time for a Supervisor who will represent ALL of our community!

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"Chuck will do a great job as Supervisor to solve the problems we face as a County, especially homelessness and crime, just as he has done a great job in every phase of a life that’s been solely dedicated to public service from his start as a Fairfield Police Officer to his tenure on the Fairfield City Council. 
He cares about everyone, regardless of party, and he will be an essential voice for the people of the 3rd District and the County as a whole.  He has my full and enthusiastic support!"

Jim Spering
Current Solano County D3 Supervisor

My Values

Ready to join our movement?

Our campaign is all about the people; the residents of Solano County; our friends and neighbors.  We will not succeed in spreading our message of a unified community, a balanced budget, and a more prosperous and safe Solano County without your help!

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